0% Tax - 24 Hours - When the Green Bay Blizzards Win


You will have 7 chances this year to move your Reefer Token™ in or out when the Green Bay Blizzards win any home games for the 2023 Indoor Football Season.

This is a non sanctioned contest from the Blizzards, but we are huge fans, and Corporate Sponsors.

Games This 2023 Season At Home:  When the Blizzards win any of these games, we will drop the buy/sell tax for Reefer Token™ to 0% for 24 hours after the final quarter of the game ends.

All Times And Dates Listed Are CST Chicago

All Games are available live on YouTube.  We will post the link to watch here before each game starts.


March 19 - Sunday 3:05pm vs Frisco Fighters -WATCH LIVE HERE = LOSS
March 31 - Friday 6:05pm vs Iowa Barnstormers -Watch Live Here = WIN , 24HR 0% Tax
April 21 - Friday 6:05pm vs Sioux Falls Storm - WATCH LIVE HERE = LOSS
May 5 - Friday 6:05pm vs Massachusetts Pirates - WATCH LIVE HERE = LOSS
May 13 - Saturday 3:05pm vs San Diego Strike Force -Watch Live Here =WIN, 24HR 0% TAX
May 20 - Saturday 7:05pm vs Iowa Barnstormers - Watch Live Here = WIN, 24 HR 0% TAX
June 9 - Friday 7:05pm vs Quad City Steamwheelers Watch Live Here = WIN, 24 HR 0% TAX