Board Room



Reefer Token™ crypto currency is controlled by "The Board Room".  The Board is currently as of 8/22/23 made up of 13 Top holders and community members of Reefer Token™.

The Board Room Members are all part of the Reefer Token™ Telegram Social Media Room.

The Board Room also consists of top holders and team members of - This allows a looking in through the window view to help maintain balance and direction in Reefer Token™.

Because of the Board Room for Reefer Token™, no funds or project monies can be allocated for any specific event, including and not limited to marketing or basic project function without a majority vote from the Board Room.  This keeps not only the project funds safe, but it holds the team and developers responsible for maintaining an honest crypto project, which protects all holders, and the longevity of the project.... MAKING REEFER TOKEN™ one of the safest projects in crypto.

Want to join the board room?

We are accepting requests only for the TOP 25 HOLDERS of REEFER TOKEN™ Crypto Currency that are not yet part of the Reefer Token™ Board Room.  Please contact us, where one of our team members will walk you through the proof you will need to provide to be accepted.  After you are accepted, you will go to the Board Room, which will hold a vote to increase our room members and make you a member.

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