Community Owned Project


Reefer Token™ is an outside the box project.  Meaning, we will not follow the pack!  PERIOD!

When you HOLD just ONE REEFER TOKEN™, you are part owner of the fastest growing, retail crypto currency project in the Cannabis Industry.

Nothing is spent, changed, or manipulated within this project, WITHOUT THE OKAY from the REEFER Board Room .

With the REEFER Board ROOM the project is safe from RUGS, HONEYS, and just BAD Players overall.  Not to mention, REEFER Token is Backed, ran and supported by the American Cannabis Society® and Thank You For Pot Smoking®, some of the biggest names in the Cannabis world since the 1970s.

Keeping Reefer Token™ in the hands of the community, not only guarantees many SMART minds working together, but it also insures that this is the safest project when it comes to HOLDING and growing.