Our History


Reefer Token™ is the National vendor for Thank You For Pot Smoking® products.

Thank You For Pot Smoking® is not only the time honored and powerful force to legalize and free the good herb, TYFPS researchers have also been developing some of the most well engineered and popular cannabis products in history.   

The TYFPS gummies are a great example.  Our Thank You For Pot® gummies are not only the number one selling brand of gummies in the Central US, but every Thank You For Pot Smoking® gummy sold kicks back a % of the sale into Reefer Token® liquidity.
It stands to reason that a 45 year organization with worldwide influence should be partnered with Reefer Token™ to strengthen the mission behind the coin. Thank You For Pot Smoking® is that organization, which is actually the slogan and power statement of the American Cannabis Society®.
The ACS started their campaign in 1978 to "Free the Herb" and that means complete legalization and the creation of a cannabis friendly society;  A nation and world that has full knowledge of the healing and uplifting effects of cannabis in all of its forms. Know that the original founder of the ACS, Bob Kundert died in the year 2000 after 22 years of effort, which at that point his family and friends teamed up to continue the good fight until this day.
We will be with you to see this through to the point where everyone can safely and legally grow, use and share cannabis as they wish and of course, go down to the store and buy some to smoke or indulge in some gummies before bed....
Consider that the ACS has gained great expertise in the research and development of CBD and THC products that will enhance the lives of all who use and enjoy these offerings.
The American Cannabis Society® has stood strong in their mission for 45 years and worked directly with Jack Herer, High Times and National Organization For Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) in the fight to strike down rate and governmental oppression of the good herb.
After almost 5 decades of presence and action towards the goal, you can be assured that the American Cannabis Society® and its iconic TYFPS slogan is here to stay.  They are not only in the fight to legalize, but they follow up on laws to make sure they are well written and fair to the people.  They reach out and listen to the needs of cannabis users and help the curious to break down walls of ignorance and get acquainted with cannabis in the most productive ways and that the ACS will be there for you in the future as legalization rolls out all over the country.
In these uncertain times we need a stable and lasting influence in society and cannabis will carve out a place of healing and stability as it has for 5000 years of world history.  The American Cannabis Society® will be heard through its "Thank You For Pot Smoking®" mantra and you will be part of that.

Reefer Token™ is an official brand of Thank You For Pot Smoking® and the American Cannabis Society®. 
The American Cannabis Society® is Honored to take on this fight for all of our Cannabis users, and REEFER TOKEN™ HOLDERS.
Prez Jeff - Second Generation of ACS, TYFPS