Weekly Most Active Telegram Member


Starting Sat Feb 25, 2023 we will be holding a most active weekly member to our contest pool.

Each week from Sat to Sat we will announce the top Two most active members in our REEFER TOKEN™ Telegram Community.  
To Join our community click HERE.

To participate all you have to do is be a member of the REEFER TOKEN™ Telegram community and post and be active.  The top two ACTIVE MEMBERS Each week will split 50.00 in REEFER TOKEN™ Crypto.

The Second place winner must be within 20% of the TOP WINNERS Posts, otherwise the top poster will take all winnings.

Example: Winner has 1000 posts.  2nd Place must have at least 200 posts (20% of winner) to collect half the prize. Otherwise 1st place collects the entire prize.

Each Pay Day will be Every Sunday following the winner announcement.  All Community members, Mods, Admins and Owners are eligible to participle in this weekly event.  

We will run the event for 20 WEEKS.  Winners will be announced weekly in the MAIN Telegram ROOM.  MAIN TELEGRAM ROOM 

The last ending week for this contest will be June 8, 2023.

Good Luck!